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Live Sale Rules

Please remember R2R’s family friendly forum policy. Profanity, vulgarity, or masked vulgarity of any type and vendor “bashing” will not be tolerated and can lead to members being excluded from the forum for the duration of the live sale. Please review Reef2Reef’s Profanity, Vulgarity and Masked Vulgarity rules here:…vulgarity.html
Please do not send PM’s, they not be answered.

Cherry Corals Summer Overstock  8 hour Live sale rules (starts August 25th 4pm EST and runs until Midnight).

#1 Shipping modules are $39.99 and are available now. Modules will be for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday ship outs, buy the module for the day you wish to have your order shipped!!! There are a limited number of ship outs for each day so buy early to get your preferred day. We will search the site using the email address on the shipping module order to combine all orders for a single ship out. If you don’t purchase a module we won’t know when you want to ship. UPS next day air is the service used to transport your purchases. ***if for some reason an order states “free shipping” this is not the case, all orders must buy one of the 4 shipping modules.

#2 If there is a UPS delay for whatever reason we will not refund shipping charges. If a loss is incurred and we replace a shipment, the purchaser must pay for shipping again, no exceptions.

#3 We will not combine orders from different people, please do not ask.

#4 All sales are FINAL, no refunds, no exceptions. Do not ask us to exchange one item for another after you have purchased it. Don’t ask us to cancel an order after the sale is over, you made a purchase and in doing so stopped someone else from buying said item so please follow through.

#5 Prices on the website are the only 100% correct prices, we try very hard to make the posts match the website but we are only human and errors can occur.

#6 Please try and be fair with regard to the $1, $10, $13, corals. Snipers need to exercise restraint and each participant can only purchase a total of 4 $1, $10, $13, corals (not 4 of each each. A regular purchase must accompany your super sale purchase(regular is an item with a price greater than $13)).

#7 If an item sells more than once we will only honor the first person to purchase said item, the others will be refunded.

#8 Reef trivia or “caption this” contests will be done every hour. These are a lot of fun and please keep entries clean and family friendly. Gift Certificates must be used within 60 days or they will expire, use it or lose it, no exceptions. Don’t be upset if the 60 days has passed and you find your GC to be unusable.

#9 ***If you don’t buy a shipping module we won’t know what day you would like to ship, we use the shipping modules to search the site and get organized. We do not create a “shipping” thread.

*these rules may be modified right up to the start of the sale but not after*